Secure Email (S/MIME)

With more people turning to their devices for work, it’s no surprise that email is still the communication mode of choice in business. Yet cyber threats such as phishing attacks and Business Email Compromise (BEC) have never been more prevalent. According to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigation Report, 25% of data breaches can be tracked back to phishing. Considering the average cost of a data breach topped $3.8 million per business in 2020 adding to the $6 trillion of global cybercrime over the same period, there’s no wonder enterprises across the globe are demanding comprehensive, scalable email security to effectively prevent these types of attacks. A study by the University of Maryland concluded that an attack occurs on average every 39 seconds!

S/MIME (or Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) is the most ubiquitous email security
protocol available today. S/MIME certificates are backed by verified identity information allowing
users to digitally sign their emails, thus identifying them as the legitimate sender and differentiating from spoofed emails. They also make it possible for users to fully encrypt emails to protect all contents – whether they’re in-transit or at rest. S/MIME encryption can only be decrypted by the intended recipient using PKI, thus preventing data loss or leaks.

GlobalSign empowers customers and partners to easily adopt S/MIME by providing certificate
deployment and management services – with solutions that scale to accommodate businesses
of any size. The solution offers full certificate lifecycle management and comprehensive scalable
automation. Our S/MIME offering is also completely tamper evident supporting non-repudiation, thus alerting users to any changes to email content after it has been sent.

GlobalSign’s Secure Email technology allows customers and partners to:

  • Add the world’s leading S/MIME technology to their growing cybersecurity portfolios, thus
    answering customer demand for powerful yet flexible solutions that protect their
    organizations. Partners can quickly respond to customer needs and create new revenue by teaming with GlobalSign.
  • Meet ever-changing governance and compliance mandates for digital information
    – avoiding costly penalties while ensuring sensitive customer data is always protected.
    Think data privacy, GDPR and the inherent protection of personal identifiable information

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