Managed PKI

GlobalSign’s secure SaaS-based Managed PKI platform offers unique features and functionality to give customers complete control of their certificate needs from a single, centralized account.

For TLS (SSL) certificates GlobalSign provides a Managed SSL (MSSL) service. MSSL allows an
enterprise to have one or many verified organization identity profiles from which they can instantly issue SSL certificates. MSSL takes the headache out of processing and managing an estate of certificates facilitating simple adoption. MSSL allows entities to request both organization validated (OV) and extended validation (EV) certificates from the service, including the addition of subject alternative names (SANs), wildcards (not for EV SSL) and qualified web assurance certificates (QWAC).

Enteprise PKI (EPKI) similarly provides organization profile-based services for client certificates for use cases such as S/MIME, user authentication and digitally signing OOXML files (XML, MSWord and Excel and other Open Office standards).

EPKI allows entities to extract certificates from a certificate licence pack across their one or many entity profiles. Both the MSSL and EPKI services are backed by APIs, Certificate Lifecycle Management and Inventory Tools making it easy to automate and track certificate deployments no matter where they originate.

A truly one-stop PKI shop, GlobalSign makes it simple to order, renew, replace, or even revoke
certificates. Users can control who issues certificates, as well as the type and to which domains/entities. Users can manage multiple departments or business entities from a single account.

For customers and partners:

Managed PKI provides an overall lower total cost of ownership for PKI.

  • MSSL and EPKI are managed by appointed administrators – delegation of authority canbe provided to an appointed third party making it easily serviceable by partners such as MSPs and SIs.
  • Provides significant volume discounts over purchasing individual certificates.
  • Flexible business terms to accommodate organizations of all sizes. Partners have an array of payment options including deposited funds for greater discounts or license packages for customer projects.
  • Streamlined PKI lifecycle management – reducing the number of hours spent oncertificate administration.
  • Easy integrations with Active Directory and MDMs to automate provisioning.

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