Managed Hosted CA

Companies often do not have the time or resources to manage PKI in-house. That’s why many companies turn to GlobalSign to create, manage and host their internal (private) PKI service.

Offering enterprises greater control over the corporate “chain-of-trust”, a managed hosted PKI
enables companies to only trust certificates issued from a specific trust model. These CA hierarchies are issued from a private trust dedicated root with Intermediate CAs (ICAs) specific to the customer’s use case and product requirements. The CA hierarchies are housed within GlobalSign’s accredited secure data centers providing the perfect environment to control such sensitive assets.

Enterprises and partners rely on GlobalSign to host roots and ICAs to guarantee all CA components are properly protected and configured in line with industry best-practices. We’ve provided managed hosted PKI services to companies the world over for the past 25 years, removing the extra cost and burden on self managing PKI.

For customers and partners:

GlobalSign’s Managed Hosted CA offers a range of benefits – From user or device authentication
through to private trust TLS.

  • User, machine and device authentication means tighter control over system access. Only authorized or identified users can gain access to the services they have privileges for.
  • Some security appliances require the deployment of TLS Issuing CAs in the enterprise environment, capable of issuing certificates at high volumes and with few restrictions on certificate contents. For that purpose, GlobalSign Private TLS CAs are the perfect fit! The Root CA is hosted in the highly secure GlobalSign environment and the ICA is made available to the customer. This comes with the benefit of flexibility when it comes to the question of CRL/OCSP hosting and established procedures for renewal of Root and Intermediate certificates.
  • Allows users to configure the solution to meet specific requirements for key usages, certificate policies, CRN distribution, and certificates of varying validity (short-lived to long-life).
  • Empowers partners with the ability to offer custom-branded certificates to their endcustomer – or even bundle them into existing offerings. This accelerated branding makes it possible to drive new revenue and expand existing customer deployments.

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