Digital Signing Service for Compliant eSignatures

GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service (DSS) is the market’s first solution to include all supporting
cryptographic components – including the full AATLtrusted certificate chain, time-stamping responses, and OCSP checks – all in one API call.

Customers can trust all signers are valid, while requiring minimal development time and zero onpremise hardware. This is fully backed by Atlas – our powerful, highly scalable Certificate Authority – delivering the agility and availability today’s digital world demands.

Designed for the modern, distributed workforce, GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Services is the fastest and easiest way to deploy trusted digital signatures. We make it simple for XaaS providers to immediately extend certificate-based digital signing functionality to their existing portfolios. And Managed Services Providers can just as easily supply and integrate DSS into their customers’ document workflows.

Realizing that every organization is unique, we’ve designed our document signing services to accommodate a broad array of businesses. GlobalSign has partnered with Adobe Sign and DocuSign, two of the world’s leading document signing platforms to deliver trusted, digital signatures to their existing users. To ensure compliance with the strictest electronic and digital signature standards, GlobalSign provides full support for digital signing certificates on FIPS-compliant hardware – including cryptographic tokens or HSMs.


For customers and partners GlobalSigns' Digital Signing Service:

  • Enable adherence to industry and legal regulations within your business to ensure
    delivery of compliant and legal identity-based eSignatures and Seals.
  • Fully embrace today’s digital transformation across their enterprise by replacing paper
    processes with digital workflows – gaining flexibility and cost-savings to drive growth and
    spur innovation.
  • Capture the power of secure document signing across the entire enterprise from one,
    central location.
  • Build new revenue streams and adopt new customers by adding GlobalSign to your
    cybersecurity portfolio.
  • Supply GlobalSign’s signing services to your customers.

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